Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Introductory Post

Hi everyone, James here. This is my first blog entry for The 13th Archive. While I will use this blog for occasional self promotion, I will spend most of the time on it talking about various aspects of subculture. Fantasy, science fiction, post apocalyptic stuff, etc. Zombies, Jedi, comic books, TV, movies, and actual literature are all fair game.

I have published a novel, my first in a series of three. Hell's Reaping, book one of the Apotheosis Trilogy is currently available on a bunch of eStores including Amazon and smashwords. The first edition is the one you will see for the next little while, while a second edition will be available soon under the name of my actual publisher who (yay!) decided to pick me up.

I'm a thirty-three year old married father of two boys. I have a degree in political science (worthless, btw), but the classes I actually liked in college were mythology, religion, and writing classes. I do not consider myself religious, nor do I espouse any particular religion. I hate the word "multicultural" but it actually applies to my writing and my beliefs about entertainment. My book draws from all three of the main branches of western religion, but I also utilize significant amounts of eastern philosophy and spirituality.

Check it out if you want, it's rad. No really, it is completely awesome. One of these days it is going to blow up, but until then comfort yourself in knowing you could be among the few who got in and discovered it before it was huge.

Again, I won't use this primarily for self promotion, just thought it prudent to mention that I am an author here. My next entry will not involving any pimping. Promise.